April 21, 2022

What to Keep in Mind When Getting Ready for Your Engagement Session


There are many benefits to taking engagement photos, like getting to know your wedding photographer, sharing your joy with loved ones, and having something to look back on for years. The engagement session always helps us, your photographer get more authentic images and these images will help the couple be more comfortable on camera on their wedding day!

When it comes to preparation, I believe a few things can help you get the most out of your engagement session. As your engagement photographer, I’m always working with my clients to get them ready for their shoot based on the season, location, and what they wanted to achieve out of it. Being well-prepared will benefit you in relaxing and feeling at ease in front of the camera. So let’s start to work on it together!

Let’s nail those stunning engagement photographs!

To have successful amazing engagement photos, first, you’ll want to dress differently depending on where you’re having your engagement photos shot. Choose something a little more formal and put on the suitable attire. So that you can select the perfect clothing, start planning ahead of time. Of course! The importance of comfort cannot be overstated, choose something that is both comfortable and convenient to move around in. Carry a pair of sneakers with you if you have to wear some attractive but uncomfortable shoes or clothing so you can walk in something more comfortable. 

Whatever concept or style you’re looking for, make sure your clothing is complemented by one another. In portraits, matching colors are not advisable, contrast or blended colors are more eye-catching and you can get ideas from the color wheel. Your black bra will show up in images if it continues to protrude in front of the mirror, change your bra or your clothes. It’s crucial to have a change of clothes on hand, so bring some changing clothes

To obtain a more natural and soft image, make sure you have excellent hair and makeup or do your own hair and makeup. Oh, men! Don’t forget to wear the appropriate color socks. Ladies! Keep in mind to get your nails done. A fresh manicure and pedicure will make a huge difference in your engagement photos.

Let’s photograph that dazzling engagement ring!

During your engagement session, your engagement ring will be photographed. Make sure your ring is sparkling clean, as well as the rock, so it’s ready for the spotlight. The majority of brides do not think about this before their engagement shoot, but it has a significant impact. This will make your ring look stunning in photographs. You may either give it a quick scrub at home, soak it in hot water with dish soap, or take it to your jeweler to have cleaned and polished. Make sure to remove your ring before getting your hair and makeup done so that no hairspray or residue gets on it.

Let’s make it unique with your props and puppies!

If you have a pet that you’d like to include in your engagement photos, this is a great option. If you want to make your engagement session more unique and unforgettable, bring your four-legged buddy as well as props that tell your journey and are meaningful to you. I’d love to include your cute puppies in your session as your photographer. Consider getting a stylish collar and leash for your dog to make your dog look more appealing in images, as well as props like your instrument, favorite wine, a favorite pastime, and favorite dish. Whatever you desire in your photos, I’ll do all in my best to make it happen!

And most of all, bring yourself on that gorgeous day!

Your engagement photos should focus on you and your partner; your smiles and genuine feelings for one another are the best representations of your relationship. The night before, the couple should rest, plan, and motivate themselves so that you,  lovebirds can create the setting that you’ve always imagined.

It is preferable not to be late if you want to have a nice day! Spending time together before your session will allow the photographer to capture what makes you two so special as a couple and will put you in the right frame of mind for your photos. Before your shoot, have brunch at a favorite restaurant or go out for supper afterward. If the weather isn’t too windy, chilly, or scorching, travel to your location early and have a long walk together is a great idea. 

If you’re starting to get worried about your engagement session, remember that you hired a professional photographer, and it’s his or her job to put you at ease and create photographs you’ll appreciate. They know how to pose you, obtain the most genuine smiles from you both, and frame, light, and edit your images. Smiles will come naturally if you concentrate on your fiancé and every second of the moment. So sit back and relax while you enjoy your day!

I hope this blog has given you some ideas for making your engagement session unforgettable and special. Continue to follow me on Instagram!

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