May 22, 2023

Fort Worth Bass Hall Engagement Session- Yen and David


Yen and David’s engagement session was a perfect blend of romance, architectural beauty, and heartfelt moments. Set against the backdrop of the historic Fort Worth Bass Hall, this iconic venue provided the ideal setting to capture their love and create memories to cherish. From the stunning windows to the magnificent marble staircase, every aspect of the Bass Hall contributed to a breathtaking experience.

To ease Yen’s nerves in front of the camera, David surprised her with a bouquet of flowers, symbolizing his love and support. Witnessing Yen’s genuine reaction and the bond between the couple was a heartwarming moment, setting the tone for an intimate and joyful session.

The Fort Worth Bass Hall served as the ultimate backdrop for Yen and David’s engagement session, fulfilling their desire for a location with cool architectural elements. The venue’s breathtaking windows allowed natural light to cascade in, highlighting the couple’s radiance and accentuating their love. The marble staircase, a symbol of grandeur, provided an elegant setting for capturing their affectionate moments.

For the second part of their session, Yen, David, and their adorable dog Bailey met me at Trinity River. Despite the impending storm in the forcast, nature graced them with favorable weather, emphasizing the harmony between the couple, their surroundings, and their beloved pet. The open expanse of the river complemented the urban beauty of the Bass Hall, creating a diverse range of settings to capture their love story.

Yen and David’s engagement session marked the beginning of their journey toward their wedding day. With their sights set on the Marq in Southlake for their upcoming wedding in April, the session served as a glimpse into their shared excitement and anticipation. Each photograph captured their commitment, love, and the promise of a beautiful future together.

Yen and David’s engagement session at the Fort Worth Bass Hall was a testament to the power of love and architecture. From the historic venue’s captivating windows and marble staircase to the natural beauty of the Trinity River, every element contributed to a visual masterpiece. Their session showcased not only their deep connection but also their shared enthusiasm for the next chapter in their lives. As they move closer to their wedding day, Yen and David’s engagement session serves as a timeless reminder of the love that brought them together and the beauty that surrounds them.

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