July 7, 2021

Timeless Orlando Wedding | Sarah & Daniel


If there was ever a couple I knew that would be up for a mini adventure session, it’s these two! This was also a favorite because they let me style them! I knew for them I wanted something sweet to start off and something romantic to end on the rocks. Alex is so gorgeous I knew she could pull off anything! And she did!! Alex and I go way back and I have been looking forward to meeting James and this was the perfect excuse! I had so much fun and we made magic!!

I know you can see the love in these photos, it’s obvious that they are all about each other!

We met in the parking lot and got them ready, we had the entire place to ourselves for a short while and people started arriving to fish and swim in the lake. I love finding little secret places like this! You never know how great a location is till you stumble upon it. It had a few different areas. There was a lush greenery area with a giant willow tree and on the other side of the cliffs were these giant rocks! I never knew this was just in Dallas’s own backyard!!

Anyways, enjoy their blog! I’m so excited to share these!!

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