May 26, 2021

Timeless Orlando Wedding | Sarah & Daniel


I am so excited about this blog post for a few reasons! A few weeks ago Meg texted me asking if it would be possible to change our location to be the Dallas Zoo since it’s one of their favorite places. I remember yelling to Tripp in the next room how awesome this would be! He was super jealous that I was going! Since then up till, well now, I’ve been so excited about these because I knew this would be a “wild” (see what I did there?) session! And can’t wait to give y’all a sneak into my time with them this last Sunday. You’ll see why this was so fun!

I’ve known Meg and Christian since high school, and these two are so fun to be around!! Meg lights up every room she walks into and can always make everyone around her happy. If you look at Christians face in these photos you can see how in love he is with his wife. It makes my romantic heart so happy! Oh yeah! Did I mention they eloped last year?!
In just over two months they will be celebrating their marriage with their close friends and family, it’s coming up so fast but really can’t come soon enough!

Take a peek into some of my favorites! I had a really hard time narrowing it down! Also you’ll see a surprise visitor in one or three of the photos(my favorite animal!) I should have been taking notes so I could give you all the fun facts about the Dallas Zoo, they’ve been so many times it was like having my own personal tour guide! ENJOY!!

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