April 14, 2021

Timeless Orlando Wedding | Sarah & Daniel


I am so excited to share this engagement session on the blog today for a few reasons. First I am SO excited to share just a few of many photos from the time spent with Lauren and Roddy at the Fort Worth Stockyards! These two were so fun to shoot because it felt like we were hanging out with our friends. We were cracking up I would say 80% of the time. Roddy’s face got so red and Laurens’s laugh was infectious! I had to mentally refocus a few times cause I was worried I would never start shooting from how much fun we were having. Tripp tagged along with me and he keeps mentioning that he had fun watching me work because we were goofing off most of the time. I totally forgot he was there most of the time. He looked real good holding my camera bag though! Roddy and Tripp bonded at the beginning of the session talking about video games/tech/and D&D fun and Lauren and I looked at each other like “oh no here we go again LOL!”

Back to the session before I derail this blog post…

Lauren and Roddy are from California but just moved to TEXAS for good! They’ve visit family many times here but now they are here for good! I’m prepared to convert them to die-hard Texans who want everything Texas-shaped. During our first chat, she said she wanted their engagement session to scream Texas and the stockyards came to mind immediately. We are visiting the bluebonnets in the next few weeks but for now, enjoy a sneak peek into our time in Fort Worth!

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